This Season Be Sporty Chic1Make style statements with sporty chic outfits you can wear while working out at the gym or meeting for happy hours drinks downtown.

Workout wear is no longer designed just for gym ellipticals and outdoor running trails. Sporty chic is an actual style trend spotted on fashionable fitness fanatics and even runways. We’re not talking about baggy windbreaker shorts and oversized cotton T-shirts. Think neon-colored stretch and moisture-wicking pants and vibrant floral-printed tanks.

iStock 000031256506XSmallRunners, yogis and generally fitness-loving girls who love to work out hard feel sexiest and most confident in these fluorescent-colored yoga pants and bright racerback tanks. Luckily, the luxe athletic style is a fitness fashion trend that workout gurus can easily adopt into their wardrobe.

Make fashion statements from your CrossFit gym to your favorite lunch spot with these sporty style tips.

1. Be Daring

Whether you’re training for a half marathon or perfecting your back squat, achieving fitness goals is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Run that extra mile and PR your squat in hot pink leggings or a tank in traffic light yellow. Life’s too short to not achieve your fitness goals, and similarly, life’s way too short to wear washed-out white and boring black; the brighter the better. 

2. Mix & Match

Go straight from the gym to the bar by pairing workout clothes with non-workout pieces for unexpected, yet stylish street looks. Match a graphic tee with printed workout leggings, and throw on a varsity leather jacket and scarf on chillier days. You can also effortlessly layer your workout outfit with a denim chambray, plaid button-down, classic black blazer, or denim jacket. The idea is to pair sporty clothing with a dressy item for a fashionable, unique look.

3. Kill It With Accessories

Sure, headbands control flyaways during handstand pushups and soak up sweat during mile 10. Mostly though, headbands just look cute with your side braid and high bun. Gemstone workout turbans can also adorn your wavy locks released from a ponytail after a killer workout. Have fun with your workout style with knee-high striped WOD (workout of the day) socks, jade meditation bead bracelets and, of course, over-sized sunnies. Your Nike fuelband or Jawbone fitness tracker can also look rad while out and about.

4. Get the Kicks

Slip on your Chuck Taylors or lace up your favorite pair of sneakers in red or floral print to add street flair to your outfit. Invest in a pair of original zip-up Hunter boots in olive green for trudging through snowy slush to get to yoga class during the winter or while grabbing a hot nonfat latte during rainy weather. To really make your footwear stand out, splurge on custom-made workout training shoes accented with leopard or speckled patterns in a rainbow of fluorescent colors.

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