4 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Needs a Crossbody Bag1The crossbody bag is a functional style accessory that every stylish girl needs to function in this world.

Today’s contemporary gal needs a crossbody bag if she wants to make it. Whether she’s toning the bod or paving her career path, the fit and smart (and stylish!) everyday woman needs a bag that frees her arms and hands. Here are benefits of a crossbody bag and why it needs a home in your wardrobe.

Leather Messenger Bag OriginalFitness

A gym duffle bag with a detachable strap will keep you committed to your fitness regimen and workout goals because it matches your cute athletic outfit, obviously. Fill your gym tote with your water bottle, towel, activity tracker, tennis shoes, yoga mat, headband, hoodie, bronzer, and hair chalk – the workout basics. Although the gym bag is functional for these items, it’s also an accessory to a girl’s workout fashion statement. A fit girl is a stylish girl who knows how to confidently carry a gym bag across her shoulder as she struts in and out of the gym. That pathway to the locker room passing the weights and treadmills might as well be your red carpet, Jillian Michaels.


In the words of Womensforum’s “Can I Wear That to Playgroup” blogger and supermom Mollie Brunet, “It’s tough to carry a Louis Vuitton on the crook of your arm while balancing a baby on your hip.” Motherhood travails prevail, and the crossbody bag saves the day. A slouchy, bold-colored bag with two arm straps and a long shoulder strap helps get the super cute supermom move from one errand to the next – all while managing sticky hands and a Starbucks nonfat latte.

Traveling & Commuting

Bustling through an airport terminal or riding the subway can wear and tear on a vivacious and charming woman. Every exasperated sigh after a stranger shoves into you or mental outrage while navigating through human traffic is one step closer to another wrinkle and waning charm. Relieve traveling stress by easily carrying all your belongings in a bag that you can wear over your shoulder. With free hands and arms, you can focus more on traversing through airport or city crowds and reach your destination (somewhat) unaffected by disgruntled travelers or ruthless commuters. A structured, roomy messenger bag with pockets will be the most durable accessory for enduring everyday work commutes. Choose a dark or neutral color to camouflage dirt and stains from debris.

Out & About

Speaking of free hands, you’re going to need a free hand to hold that drink at the bar. Unless you double-fist your adult beverages because you’re a party girl who can’t outgrow her sorority days, then you’re probably wondering, “why can’t I just use my other hand to hold my clutch or handbag?” Don’t underestimate the organic and automated need to hold onto your iPhone to check Instagram #GNO. And if your cell phone isn’t in your palm, then the hand of a delightful man should be occupying that space. No girl can hold her arm upright to balance her handbag while juggling her cocktail and flirting. Plus, when someone buys a round of shots, maneuvering a bag, cell phone and drink can be quite disastrous. Play it safe, ladies, and wear a crossbody purse, preferably Chanel, with a long shoulder strap that crosses your body for all occasions.

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