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Over 27 million people suffer from Diabetes in America. Learn all you can about these 4 superfoods for diabetics and keep yourself and your family healthy! Toby Smithson is a registered dietician and says she has 10 superfoods for diabetics but she’s here to show us her top 4! Better get to the supermarket! 

Top 4 Superfoods For Those With Diabetes

  1. Beans -They help maintain good blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and are a source of lean protein! 
  2. Oats - They are a soluble fiber, lower cholesterol and help you feel fuller. It also helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  3. Barley - Another soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. It’s also considered a whole grain! 
  4. Tree nuts - Nuts such as almonds and pecans help maintain blood sugar levels and also make you feel fuller. 

But will all these superfoods, keep the portion sizes in mind. While they have a lot of "good fat" in them, the calories can add up really fast!

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