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Summertime heat can be brutal, and that's without carrying another person around. Everyone is looking for ways to keep cool, and it's especially important for pregnant women so they don't risk dehydration and other complication. For all you moms-to-be, here’s a few suggestions to help you get through it in the best way possible.

1. Swim

Stay true to a popular quote from the movie “Finding Nemo” and just keep swimming. Whether it’s ocean water or wading in a pool, swimming helps you stay cool and refreshed. Plus, it’s a great way to get in some "me time" (which is probably much needed at this point).

2. Wear Bright Colors

It’s no secret that dark colors absorb heat. Wearing them will only make you sweat and feel even more uncomfortable. However, if you wear bright colors like peach and yellow, it can help the heat stay off your back. On the plus side, bright colors are usually the trend for summer anyway, so you’ll still look glowing and fab. 

3. Stay Indoors

It’s true that pregnant women already have a bit of tolerance for high heat levels. But, when the temperature gets to the extremes, especially in the 90s and higher, stay indoors as much as possible. You should also think about running all of your errands in the morning or after the sun goes down to dodge higher temps.

4. Relax!

Don’t forget, pregnancy is a great excuse to get naps in. Take some time and relax! Also, keeping your feet up will help reduce the swelling, which can be pretty uncomfortable when you’re preggers in the sweltering summer or brutal winter. 

Of course, you shouldn’t let the heat stop you from making great memories. Whether you’re in your first trimester or ready to pop and give birth at any moment, these simple tips will help you enjoy the amazing process of preparing to have a child. 

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