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You've probably read about the average calorie count in a Chipotle burrito by now, but if not, the whopping 1,070 calorie count blows anyone's healthy diet numbers right out the window. Just think about it - you could have had a Big Mac for less calories, and yet you thought you were being healthy with that beef and guac burrito!

Here are four things you can do to keep your "burrito" from killing you desire to eat healthy.

skip guacamoleLighten It Up

By just having a little of those high calorie condiments like cheese, sour cream, guacamole or even corn, you'll save loads of calories.  Keep in mind that one tablespoon of guacamole or sour cream have reasonable calories in the 22 to 30 calorie ranges respectively. But a scoop that a server puts in a small plastic container could be closer to 100! If you skip both of them, then you'll save up to 200 calories right there!

add more vegetables

Pile on the Veggies

Remember that vegetables are low in calories and high in fiber so you can't feel guilty about adding any of these! Think the fajita veggies and salsa for filling up the wrap and skip or limit the rice.

corn tortillasNo flour power

Skip the flour tortilla and opt for a corn tortilla instead. Typically corn tortillas will have more fiber than flour ones, which will lower the net-carb amount (subtract fiber grams from total carbs for net carbs). Best yet! Skip the tortilla completely by choosing a burrito bowl or burrito salad, saving hundreds of calories.

share with friends

Share With A Friend

Instead of eating the entire burrito yourself, bring a friend to lunch and share one. You'll consume half the calories and still enjoy all the favorite toppings. Plus you'll save money, get a chance to catch up with a friend, and even better "zero guilt".

Happy National Burrito Day!

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