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Stop Stressing with Kissing

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4-ways-to-stop-stressing-with-kissingThrowback to our teenage years and kiss each other longer again.

Walking in the park the other day, there was a teenage couple under a bunch of shaded trees, hidden away behind the trunks very involved with kissing each other. My guess was they just started dating and wanted some alone time away from the world on a muggy summer afternoon. My footsteps sure didn’t disturb them as I passed by, but this got me wondering, what are the kissing benefits to justify doing this for hours?

Many parents might be thinking, “My teenager is kissing too soon!” But, there might be some benefits to letting them kiss during their adolescent years.

After some research, I discovered why teenagers especially love to hide away and kiss for hours as if it’s a favorite hobby. Sure, discovery of each other’s gender is always a prime reason why they hide away and want to kiss the whole afternoon away, but what if research proved kissing health benefits?

Being a teenager is especially difficult when it comes to fitting in and developing into an adult, but what if kissing is their unconscious way to zone-out and become stress-free about the world around them? Perhaps adults could be reminded of this feeling, too, and find a reason to kiss more often and longer than just pecks. Here are some benefits of kissing.

4 Ways Kissing Relieves Stress

  1. Saliva during kissing can provide natural pain relief for aches in the body. Pain is capable of causing stress, but compared to being on a high pain drug reliever, kissing provides a powerful boost of relief.
  2. Oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes the body, is released when your lips touch someone else. This hormone released stops the noise in your head.
  3. Kissing more spontaneously will help you feel more stress-free than only kissing during lovemaking time in the bedroom.
  4. Being on a diet and losing weight can always raise stress levels, but if you kiss at least 2 to 3 times a day, your metabolism will double. If you already smooch that much, consider kissing at least three times a day, passionately for 15 to 20 seconds, because this could help you lose a pound a day!

Now you have an excuse to kiss your significant other more often without any excuse. There are more benefits to kissing than just getting butterflies. Keep up the kissing and burn more calories!

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