4-ways-to-walk-like-a-supermodel-headerLadies, you no longer have to watch the high fashion models strut down the catwalk and wonder how you can do the same.

You might not have elongated legs like Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen. Yet that doesn’t mean we can’t put a little sashay in our step and walk like our favorite models. Whether you’re trying out for a fashion show or just want to grab attention when you walk into a room, anyone can strut like a model.

4-ways-to-walk-like-a-supermodel-middleIt All Begins With Posture

Be confident in your figure and stand up straight and push your shoulders back just a tad. Imagining you’re being held together with a puppet string is one of the useful secrets of walking like a model.

While you’re standing up straight, be sure to relax as well. It might sound a little contradictory but even though your back is precise, you should let your arms simply fall against your body and relax your hands.

Eyes Focused

If you are indeed walking in a fashion show, pick out someone in the audience to keep eye contact with. It might be best to select someone you know who is aware of your plan. Unless of course you want that cute guy in the audience to think you’re flirting with him! Whatever will help you not look down in nervousness. 

Be Natural (Sort Of)

When it comes to your actual walk, steer clear of short steps and embrace long, natural strides. Don’t be afraid to move those hips back and forth. But don’t overdo it in trying to “look” like a model. Just feel the vibe and the groove of the background music and your hips will follow. 

Know You're Working It 

Lastly, it’s no secret that confidence is the most important thing when walking like a model. Part of what helps your confidence is having on the right shoes. If you’re not comfortable in four-inch heels, try a good wedge or a cute two-inch pair of kitten heels. If you’re walking in a show, whatever pair you decide to sashay in, break them in before hitting the runway. Practicing your look in the mirror is a major help too. You might feel a little silly or awkward but you’ll definitely be glad you did once all the attention is on you. 

Whatever you do, have fun! Put a little strut in it, show off your amazing personality and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

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