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10-Minute core workoutMost people do crunch after crunch without getting the results they want: a stronger core! But these four moves will target that waistline and you never have to get down on the floor. Perform fifteen repetitions on each side and use a six to eight pound medicine ball or weight.

Medicine Ball Diagonal Chop

  1. Start with medicine ball at waistline.
  2. Step to the left and drop ball down towards your hip.
  3. Swing the ball upward to the right.
  4. *Rotate the hips from side to side. 

Diagonal med ball chops
Side Body Bend and Lunge

  • Start with weight extended overhead.
  • Step to the side and lean away from center.
  • Return to center with arms extended.

Side Body Oblique Toner
Side Lunge and Twist

  • Start with feet together and medicine ball at waist.
  • Step to the side and twist in opposing direction.
  • Return to center. 

Waist Twist w Side Lunge
Lunge Steady and Twist

  • Start in lunge position with arms behind your head.
  • Hold lunge and twist opposite elbow towards knee.
  • Return to starting position.

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Add these core moves into your current workout or perform each of the four moves for one minute on each side with a thirty second break between each move for a ten minute core workout. 

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