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4-new-workout-products-for-your-gym-bagMaximize your workouts by adding these healthy fitness products into your gym bag. 

As you pack your gym bag for a workout before the kids go to school or after work, you most likely toss in must-have workout essentials, such as your water bottle, towel and iPod. In addition to packing necessities that you need in order to survive your workout, pack a few workout supplements that will also enhance your workout as well as your body.

Womensforum.com's lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf dishes on four excellent workout products that help provide you with all the benefits you can gain from your workout. 

Workout Products For Your Gym Bag

1. Celsius Drinks

Celsius energy drinks are healthy thermagenic beverages or energy fitness drinks loaded with supplements and vitamins that help with recovery. Thermogenic properties increase the metabolism and activate the nervous system. As you run or lift weights, your bodily functions speed up, which burns more calories and burns body fat. 

2. Champion Renew Vitamins

Taking Champion’s recovery vitamins after each workout on a regular basis helps with muscle recovery. Loaded with potassium, Champion Renew restores the body by re-energizing, cleansing and rejuvenating. The healing, natural ingredients in the supplements also help support muscle rejuvenation and soothes soreness, which helps your body prepare for its next training session. 

3. ChapStick® Active 

Whether we’re running outdoors against the wind or breathing deeply during our yoga practice, lip balm seems to be indispensable. Clip on ChapStick®’s Active lip balm onto your gym bag, and you’ll never have to rummage through your bag again, especially when moisturizing your lips feels like a life-or-death emergency. Attached to your gym bag, you’ll have instant access to the SPF 30 sport-protection and moisturizing lip balm. 

4. Activate Drinks

After hopping off your spinning bike or while stretching after a CrossFit class, hydrate with the zero-calorie, naturally sweetened sports drink Activate. Just twist its cap and the supplements and vitamins fall into the water. Shake the bottle and drink up to replenish the body and help muscles recover. “Activate your rebound” post workout by hydrating with Passion Fruit or “Activate your charge” by guzzling Grape.

The next time you head out to purchase some new workout items for your gym bag, incorporate one of these great finds! If you try one, let us know what you think! 

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