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Roasted Sausage Mac & Cheese

Almost every kid loves mac & cheese, so we take that perpetual family favorite and turn it into a heartier, tastier meal by adding sausage.

*Serves 4*


  • 1 package Johnsonville Italian Style With Cheese Chicken Sausage Split Rope
  • 16 ounces (cooked) cavatappi pasta
  • 1 package small multi-colored tomatoes
  • 2 pounds (grated) cheddar cheese
  • 1 pound (sliced) mushrooms

Kitchen Staples

  • Garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • All-purpose flour


- Slice Johnsonville Italian Style With Cheese Chicken Sausage Split Rope

- Slice mushrooms

- Toss tomatoes with olive oil and 1/2 tsp Kosher salt


Preheat oven to 375º

 - Sauté sliced sausage and mushrooms with olive oil and chopped garlic in a skillet, adding tomatoes once sausage is browned

- Put cooked macaroni noodles in a casserole dish

- Add warm sausage mixture, grated cheese and stir

Bake covered for 25 minutes, remove cover and bake additional 10 minutes to brown the top


  • Bread crumbs




- Moisten bread crumbs with olive oil and sprinkle on top for the last 10 minutes

 - Roast tomatoes on cookie sheet for 18 minutes before adding to the recipe (skip the tomato sauté step)

- Make a simple cheese sauce by melting 3 tablespoons butter, stir in 3 tablespoons flour and slowly whisk in 3 cups of milk - once that is done add the cheese, stir until melted, then add to pasta