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5-allergy-season-household-tipsKeep an allergy-free house this Spring with these cleaning tips.

Curious on how to reduce allergies inside your household before seasonal allergies set in this Spring? Dust and mold are two of the most common allergen reactors inside the household. Instead of sneezing all season long, learn how to reduce or completely get rid of your allergies with these tips!

Ways To Avoid Allergies At Home

  • Mild detergent: Children can easily react to laundry detergent or other household cleaners. Avoid these breakouts by using mild detergent or allergy-friendly cleaners.
  • Clean bedding weekly: Think about the dirt and dust that may climb in your bed with you every night. The last thing you want is to continue to sleep in it! Don’t let the dirt and dust pile up and wake up with allergies. Instead, clean your bedding every week, especially pillows!
  • Vacuum furniture and floors: Along with your bedding, all the furniture and floors in the house need a deep cleaning, so make sure to vacuum them often. Couches and carpets collect dust and maybe even some leftover crumbs that can easily create allergies in the house.
  • Remove carpets and houseplants: Carpets and houseplants are the number one dust collectors in the house so get rid of the dust by throwing them out! Replace carpet with wood and find new ways to decorate the house, maybe even trying some new DIY home décor projects!
  • Clean the bathroom with chlorine bleach: Windex can dust but bleach deep cleans the mold in the bathroom. The shower curtain is the top mold collector in the bathroom so mix water with some chlorine bleach and wash it off.

What other ways are you preparing the house to avoid allergies this Spring? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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