From getting a blowout to shopping for shoes, going out and beautifying ourselves has been a tradition for women for years. However, as we get busier and busier over the years, we have less time to get that much needed massage or haircut. Thankfully, technology has saved our beauty routine with apps.

These applications provide services to you or your party by taking the beauty salon or shopping experience to your home! Here are five must-have style and beauty apps that will make any fashionista a homebody. 

PS Dept.

5-Apps-That-Make-You-Beautiful-At-Home-PSDeptEver need some help about what to wear with your new purchase or some professional advice about how to update a seasonal wardrobe? PS Dept provides their subscribers with this service through personal shoppers. Yes, those people who celebrities rely on for ever look are now at your service. The app hires industry veterans who provide their expertise to every service. 

Available: iPhone

Keep Shopping

5-Apps-That-Make-You-Beautiful-At-Home-Keep-ShoppingShopaholics, this app is designed for you! Keep Shopping does exactly what it states; it keeps you shopping until you are worn out, or you have no money to spare. The app is designed to collect all of the great fashionable pieces on the internet, allowing it's subscribers to never visit multiple websites for shopping again.

Available: iPhone | Android 

The Glam App


No longer do you have to rely on that friend of a friend to do your makeup for that special occasion or set up an appointment at that super busy beauty salon. The Glam App, developed by the famed Joey Maalouf, has the fix. Instead of going to a service for your hair or makeup, the app offers beauty experts from makeup to hair artists who can visit you at home. 

Available: iPhone



Too sore to get that massage? Zeel is an app that can help you out. The app links masseuses in a city with those in need of a good massage. Simply request the service on the app and your massage will come in little as an hour.

Available: iPhone | Android




You will never need to leave the house again. Priv is an all-use, one stop app that allows makeup and hair experts to meet you anywhere for beauty services. From a spray tan to getting your nails done, this app has got you covered. Homebodies rejoice!

Available: iPhone | Android

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