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Are your teens in that stage where they spends hours at a time on their phones and, despite your best efforts, it is suddenly like you just don't exist? Well, ensure some of that time spent on their phones is put to good use with these fun apps that'll help them learn different responsibilities, from understanding the value of money to collaborating with others.


Oink-responsibility-app-tweensThe new and improved Oink app (the old Oink app was taken over by Virtual Piggy) works just like a virtual piggy bank, and it's perfect for tweens looking to start managing a budget and track spending - all while keeping parents involved and in control.

Tweens and kids can safely shop online. Plus, the app has expanded its offerings so you can pay for items in-store as well and get access to exclusive shopping deals. 

High School Story


Is your tween anxious about starting high school? This fun game lets them take on different roles at a fictional high school and experience romance, friendships, and the stresses of keeping up academically - all at a relatively PG level. This interactive app teaches compassion and empathy by letting them build their own social system and experience life as different high school stereotypes They also deal with bullying, body issues and stress while learning about responsibility and kindness.

Savings Spree

Responsibility-apps-savings-spree-tweensThe fun way to learn how to save money! Educational Savings Spree acts like a game show where kids go through rounds to save up for a nest egg. This is maybe more for the younger tween crowd, but it's an entertaining way to really understand the value of money and instill good saving habits. 



The Oregon Trail


 Like the classic computer game, The Oregon Trail App is an interactive experience about what it was like to be a pioneers in the 1800's. Your tween can learn collaboration and responsibility by hunting for food, taking care of the group, and making educated decisions about what supplies to bring along and what routes to take. Plus the game is just plain addicting!


The Room

The-room-responsibility-apps-teensThe Room is one of the most interesting games for iPads that we've discovered and others agree - the game has won numerous awards. The animation and special effects are very cool, and there is one great puzzle after another. All those hours your tween will spend obsessively on the app? Great practice for developing problem-solving and deductive skills! 


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