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As someone who's been in a long distance relationship for a few years, I know the importance of spicing things up to keep up the romance even when your special someone is thousands of miles away.

Sure, FaceTime and Skype are great and all, but sometimes you want acute and fun option that's a little outside the box. Check out these five app recommendations for keeping things exciting while your loved one is miles and miles away. 


Long-Distance-App-CoupleWhat doesn't this app have?! One fun feature is the  "thumb kiss" - if you touch your thumb to your app and your honey does as well, you phone vibrates to let you both know! The app also lets you sketch together and share videos and messages just for the two of you.

Android: Free | iPhone: Free



Long-distance-app-snapchatThis has to be one of the best apps for long distance relationships. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend's day by sending a sexy snap or a fun video of what you're up to. 

Your loved one will feel like he or she is right there with you, and the pic/video only lasts a few seconds! 

Android: Free | iPhone: Free


long-distance-bliss-iconLooking to make things more exciting in the bedroom despite being miles apart? This spendy but unique app is definitely for the more adventurous couples out there! Play fun games and unleash your competitive side with Bliss's array of naughty options. There's also a less intense free version out there for couples who are just looking to try it out. 

Android: $11.99 | iPhone: $11.99


long-distance-icebreak-app-iconHave you hit a rocky patch with your other half or feel like the communication is lacking? The IceBreak app is like a fun form of couple's therapy and a great way to bring excitement back into your relationship. The app comes up with questions that you and your partner can both answer plus you can post private messages on each other's 'walls.'

Android: $1.99 | iPhone: $1.99


long-distance-countdown-app-iconNow, every long distance couple knows that the one thing that really makes you feel better is counting down to the next time you'll see each other again! Download the Countdown!! app that lets you add personalized music, customized backgrounds (perhaps of you and your honey) and plenty of fun fonts and filters.

Android: Not available but similar ones to choose from | iPhone: Free

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