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No no, don’t get up! If you’re enjoying your favorite television or movie, don’t lift a finger because we’ve rounded up the best five apps for all couch potatoes. Enhance your viewing experience with these helpful and useful apps - and they’re all free!

Don’t waste your precious movie-watching time trying to remember movie titles or where you remember that actor from. Download the Internet Movie Database app to find the quick answers to the questions you can’t help but think about. Also, the “Did You Know?” and “Trivia” sections of the app are ideal for those who wonder how movies are made, who’s involved, etc.


2. Peel
Peel is a personalized television viewing experience that is free to download and after a while of using the TV streaming app, the installation learns your preferences and will customize your preferences.



3. Flixter

Looking to see how your film critiques line up with the pros? Flixter provides a hangout for moviegoers who aren’t always finished with a movie when the credits start rolling. This handy app also features options to purchase movie tickets from your device instead of waiting in line at the theatre.


4. Run Pee


Now we don't have an app that can stop you from needing to go to the bathroom during a pivotal scene, but the RunPee app can tell you the best times when to, well, run and pee so you don't miss that scene! And while you're gone, there is a little synopsis on the app to tell you what bits you missed. 



5. EAT24
And finally, if you get hungry – do a quick and easy download of EAT24 app which finds the nearest restaurants for delivery 24 hours a day.

Now if you need to get up from the couch to use the bathroom… we’re sorry but there’s no app for that yet.

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