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5 Big Marketing Tips

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5-big-marketing-tips-from-women-entrepreneurs-1The success of your business is heavily dependent on marketing.

The lack of marketing could lead to the demise of it. I've saved several business owners on the brink of failure by teaching them inexpensive ways to market a business on a shoestring budget. So, as you can see, there is no excuse to be sitting on your morals waiting on "customers" to come. The good news is that you can create a marketing strategy with little or no marketing budget. Here are 5 Big Marketing Tips to help you on your way.  

Big Marketing Tip 1: Spread the word about your business DAILY! It is imperative that you make contact with people on a consistent basis. For instance, you might conduct ten telemarketing calls each Monday and Wednesday, speak at a local civic, professional or social group meeting on Tuesday and Thursdays, and manage your social networks at various times during the week. The point is getting the word out about your company could pay off in the long run with lucrative referrals.

Big Marketing Tip 2:  For business owners, blogging can be an incredibly beneficial tool. Doing so can increase your brand awareness, allow other websites to link up, attract new visitors and potential clients which can generate leads, build authority and so much more.  

Big Marketing Tip 3: Mobile marketing is a sizzling trend that small businesses can't afford not to include in their marketing strategy. A recent survey revealed that over 56 percent of mobile users access the internet with their devices. A marketing campaign such as "text to sell" which allows an opt in for potential customers can be easy to implement. It involves building your text marketing subscribers list. By doing so, allows you to engage them regularly with tips, resources, polls, and coupon codes. This helps build credibility and strengthens you as an expert.


Big Marketing Tip 4: If you only market when you need clients, your business will be stuck in a feast-or-famine cycle. Set up a system channels to market consistently so that you're always out there. Set aside a time to market your business daily, even if it's an hour a day. If you feel too overwhelmed, narrow your focus to 2-3 channels at a time. Consistent effort will help you to build a foundation under your marketing platform. 

Big Marketing Tip 5: Create high level and high energy relationships. People talk about networking all the time. It is not about networking exactly. It is about creating relationships where your colleagues, customers, and competition have a clear understanding of your value and are willing to not only refer you to others but facilitate an introduction, go with you to the meeting and fully support and advocate for your services. When your network is full of connections like this your business cannot help but thrive. 

What BIG Marketing tip can you share with our readers that has worked in your business? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook

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