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16269-5-unique-apps-jessica-albaBeing a celebrity doesn't mean losing the ability to have a business-minded attitude towards life. In fact, these five celebrities have marketed themselves and their brand so profitably that people would likely be drawn to their products without the help of their celebrity status (we think).

These bright and intelligent thinkers have established usable and productive apps that you might not have even realized they were behind. Scroll through to see the litany of successful products created by your favorite celebrities and entertainers.  

Ellen DeGeneres – Heads Up

5-unique-apps-ellenPhoto Credit: Ellen DeGeneres

America’s favorite talk show host and Academy Award host, Ellen DeGeneres, is no stranger to a good gam - that’s also really funny. Although she might be most known for scaring guests on her show (i.e. Taylor Swift and Eric Stonestreet), the New Orleans native made an app that allows all Ellen fans to have a piece of her at home. The Heads Up game is often played on the show with stars like Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway.

Not dissimilar to a standard guessing game, the app is played with two players at a time with one person holding the phone or tablet above their head while the other person gives clues to the item or person given on the screen. The best part is that the game records the rounds so you can re-watch with friends.

Alicia Keys – Journals of Mama Mae

5-unique-apps-alicia-keys Photo Credit: Alicia Keys: Journals of Mama Mae

A mom herself to sons Egypt and Genesis, R&B superstar Alicia Keys released an application available in the App Store called Alicia Keys: Journals of Mama Mae. Through exclusive music and various activities, children are intended to use the game-like app as a storytelling tool.

The story centers around Mama Mae and her daughter LeeLee, who “embarks on a magical adventure where she learns about music, makes new friends and discovers herself.”

Jay Z – Tidal


Photo Credit: Tidal.com

It wasn’t Jay Z alone who launched the somewhat controversial music-streaming site this year. Along with artists like Rihanna, Madonna and Beyoncé, the streaming service was launched as an alternative choice from iTunes and Spotify - essentially providing more appropriate royalties to artists.

Some people hold reservations about the site (and now app) because it’s not free. In fact it’s pretty expensive at $9.99 for the most basic subscription.

Ryan Seacrest – AT40

16269-5-unique-apps-ryan-seacrestPhoto Credit: imore.com

What hasn’t Ryan Seacrest created? Besides his production company and instrumental roles in shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and American Idol, Seacrest took the reins of American Top 40 after renowned host Casey Kasem stepped down from the mic. Now eleven years later, American Top 40 is a featured and respected litany of the country’s most popular songs. Thanks to Seacrest and the advancing modern times, American Top 40 (AT40) is an app available for free in the App Store on iTunes.

Jessica Alba - HonestBaby


Photo Credit: The Honest Company

In case you didn’t hear, Jessica Alba is on her way to becoming a billionaire-worthy business woman thanks to the birth of her creation, The Honest Company 0 an alternative choice for parents who want to break free of unhealthy chemicals in baby products. Their products include diapers, baby powder, toys and has now expanded to all home goods like cleaning products and hand soap. Since the launch of The Honest Company, there’s now an app available for moms who want to keep tabs on their baby’s health and overall well-being.

Focused on new parents, the app keeps track of feedings, diaper changes, sleep, growth and more. Also, shop the Honest products and they’ll be safely delivered to your doorstep.

Header Photo Credit: Business Insider  

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