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5 College Basketball Chants

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5-college-basketball-chants-for-march-madnessCheer on your favorite college basketball teams to March Madness victory.

March Madness predictions are a fiery topic for college basketball fans. With every win and loss leading up to Selection Sunday, top college basketball teams contend for hot spots in March Madness tournaments.

March Madness fans are at the edge of their seats to see who makes the cut. Fans are also at the edge of their seats rooting on their favorite teams. Every game, basket made and drop of sweat can make it or break it for teams with their eyes on the final four and victory - and teams need their fans to cheer them on. 

College students and die-hard basketball fans know how to lose it when their team wins it though. Along with fierce faces and painted bodies, college basketball cheers get crowds hyped and players pumped. Whether you’re in the stands or at a bar with some pitchers, cheer on your favorite March Madness teams with these catchy and traditional college basketball chants from big universities:

University of Kansas Jayhawks

The classic "Rah-rah, Jayhawks, Go KU" has evolved over the years into “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU.” Fans slowly chant “RockChalk, JayHawk, KU,” which echoes throughout the stands.

Utah State University Aggies

A Utah State fan leads the chant by shouting the winning score, “Is that not a 74?” and the crowd answers, “Yes, that is a 74!” Then the fan shouts the opposing team's losing score, “Is that not a 62?” and the crowd answers, “Yes, that is a 62!” The chant continues, “Is that not the winning team?” (Yes, that is the winning team!) “Is that not the losing team?” (Yes, that is the losing team!”) The opponents weep as fans repeat, “Winning team! Losing Team! Winning Team! Losing Team!” 

University of Florida, Gators

In unison, Gator fans chant, “Gator Bait” and gesture with their arms as a chomping alligator mouth. Cheering on their team with a vocal chant and gesture is a double-whammy that really irks an opposing, especially losing, team.

Marshall University Marco 

Although a little obnoxious, admittedly Marshall’s basketball chant is catchy. Not to mention, a Matthew McConaughey movie was named after the team’s cheering tradition. When the moment's just right and the stars are properly aligned, Marshall fans break out into “We are—Marshall! We are—Marshall!” 

University of Alabama Crimson Tide

Cheer-sung during the last victorious moments of a winning game, Alabama fans chant, “We just beat the hell out of you! Rammer jammer, yellowhammer, give ‘em hell, Alabama!” It's an established post-winning game tradition, and Alabama always makes sure ithe losing team really feels its loss.

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