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culinary-knife-cuts-just-like-chefs-videoAdding professional knife cuts to meals can make the whole plate look different. Check out these tips and tricks!

Nick Lacasse, chef from "Around the World in 80 Plates," shows us knife cutting techniques with limes, zucchinis, parsley, leeks and mushrooms. These culinary knife cuts will give your next dinner party a beautiful display on the plate. 


Appetizer Drink Tips

If you wish to garnish drinks with a wedge of lime or lemon, Lacasse says the trick is to cut the fruit in half and with a very sharp knife. Score in the middle of the wedges. The purpose of the score is to let the fruit gently sit on the rim of the glass all in the same place for several drinks' appearance. After the scoring, cut into wedges normally.

Zucchini Cutting Trick

Zucchinis are difficult to make classy-looking cuts, but Lacasse recommends cutting the vegetable length-wise (not in half). The trick to making vegetable cuts look restaurant-alike is called the “roll-cut” technique. This is where you cut a quarter-inch chunk, then roll toward you, cut again and roll toward you again. The repeated rolling gives the vegetable a variety cut appeal, but also provides a texture to the display of veggies on the plate.

Parsley Cutting Trick

Lacasse says while some use the stems to create texture on the dish, not all might be a fan of the stems. If you chop off the stems, use the “pinch and compress” technique to roll the parsley in a tight log and walk the knife through the leaves into small bits.

Leek Cutting Trick

This is another vegetable that is difficult to cut because of its rounded structure. Most people separate the white part from the green part of the leeks since the taste differs. Just like zuchinnis, cut length-wise with a sharp knife. Continue to make length-wise cuts once you have the flat side face-down on the cutting board.

Mushroom Cutting Trick

Lacasse said a helpful tip about cooking with mushrooms is not washing them. The water soaks into the mushrooms and then when cooking, the mushrooms don’t brown properly and become bloated-tasting because of the water inside. Dirt on mushrooms is a normal quality. When cutting, slice in half or square off the bottom of the mushroom, and continue cutting silver-dollar size slivers.

You'll impress everyone at your next get together with these knife cutting tips. When people ask you where you learned that from, you can wow them by saying, "I'm just that good!"

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