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Spotting a cutie that catches your eye and not knowing how to grab his attention can be tough to say the least. There’s the awkward not-so-funny joke, the forced hello or even corny pick-up lines. Yep, us ladies are guilty of that too.

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While those could potentially result in great stories to look back and laugh at (but like, no), trying to live down the embarrassment could be too much to handle. So why not kind of put yourself out there without speaking at all? Check out a few ways to do just that.

How To Flirt With Your Body Language 

  • Smile! It goes a long way. Showing your pearly whites is a great way to not only express your interest. It also makes you seem more approachable. And if the feelings are mutual, his day just got that much better. 
  • Laugh at his jokes: Even if they’re not funny, which many of them might not be, laughing will help him feel a little more confident and a little less awkward. It’s great way to break the ice with a new/potential love. 
  • Play with your hair: Have a little fun! Twirl your hair with your finger or flip it over your shoulder. Fixing your hair just right will let him know you want to look good for him and you care about your appearance when he’s around. That might be the only green light he needs to make his move. Side note: Showing off your neck is always a bonus, too.
  • Step your flirty body language up a notch and give him a cute... and QUICK stare. No longer than 3 seconds. This lets him know you’re not just glancing at him as you scan the crowd, but that he’s got your attention. So now you’ll have his, too. 
  • And if you’re feeling super bold, throw on pink lipstick. It’s the new red! It’s sexy, it’s playful and ot seems to be taking over the classic red lip. Find the right shade for you and voila.. You’re one step closer to flirting with your dream guy. 

Whether it’s a potential new guy or a long-term beau, all of these tips give you a little more confidence to simply go after what you want and get his attention!

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