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5-dieting-mistakes-and-nonos2Diet Mistakes We're All Guilty Of!

We all have the best intentions when we diet.  We do all sorts of silly stuff and dieting tricks to try and shed those extra pounds.  But sometimes, unknowingly, we are actually sabotaging our diets by doing the very things we think are helping.  And then we wonder why those stubborn pounds as still sticking to our butts and thighs.  So what is the answer to losing weight and keeping it off?  These helpful tips will help you pin-point possible obstacles to weight loss and get you on the right track in meeting those weight loss goals. Let's lose weight with these dieting and weight loss tips!

Tips for Diet Plateaus

Weight Loss Shakes and Bars

It seems that bars and shakes for weight loss take the guesswork out of our diet goals, but really, unless they are authentic they aren't going to keep you satisfied for very long.  Many have countless processed ingredients that don't benefit us when trying to lose weight.  Instead, choose a more mindless protein, such as Greek yogurt (non-fat) with fruit or a cheese stick to fill you up and stave off hunger pangs.

Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Sleep

Losing sleep ups your cortisol levels, slowing your metabolism and packing on pounds, especially belly fat.  And studies show that people who are tired tend to eat more, which exacerbates the whole cortisol phenomenon.  You can work out all you want, but if you are not sleeping well, then you may be cancelling out your workout efforts.

Don't Rely On Workouts Alone

Eighty percent of weight loss is based on nutrition, followed by twenty percent of exercise.  Now we are not dissing exercise, but you would be wise to find a good balance between the two.  In fact, if you work out too much and don't eat enough, your body will start fighting weight loss.  People that lose weight and keep it off develop a lifestyle change when it comes to eating right.  When you come to a weight loss plateau, ask yourself what you are eating.  Keep a food diary.  And switch your workout.

The Salad Bar May Not Be Your Best Friend

We always think salad is the way to go when dieting, but the contrary could be true, since many salads do not contain enough carbohydrates and proteins to combat hunger.  In addition, many salad bars contain calorie packed toppings that you really don't need to be sprinkling on top.  Healthy, weight-loss-friendly toppings for a salad include beans of any sort, and brown rice.  Don't forget some cherry tomatoes for the lycopene!  And let's just say watch the salad dressing.  Choose a vinaigrette or low fat of your choice and use it sparingly.

Don't Starve Yourself

Maybe the actresses and models do it, but that doesn't mean we have to if we want to lose weight.  When our bodies go into "starvation mode," our metabolisms slow down because our bodies are trying to use what food we do eat to function.  The best plan of action is to eat six small meals a day every two to three hours.  This keeps the metabolism rocking and fends off hunger.  Plus you won't be grumpy or tired because eating small meals every few hours keeps your blood sugar levels stable.
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