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  • Easter Centerpiece & Door Decoration

    Easter Centerpiece & Door Decoration

    Nothing is more adorable than a matched set, and that goes doubly so for easter decorations, like this matching table centerpiece and wreath. You can find the necessary supplies for these at your local craft store, such as pink and green ribbon, fake flowers, plastic eggs, silk flowers, and anything else that sparks your imagination. 

  • Flower Crown

    Flower Crown

    This simple crown is easy to make, and your daughter will love wearing it come Easter morning! String some fake daisies in a crown or a headband. You could even add a bow with some stray ribbon to run down the back of the crown to give it an angelic look.

  • Paper Roses

    Paper Roses

    Instead of spending a significant amount of money on roses for your house, why not make some out of paper! Simply buy pastel colored tissue paper into 3-inch squares, staple them together in the center and twist each paper individually. You can add a pipe cleaner to them to have them stand up inside a vase, or maybe even use them to hang around the house.

  • Dyed Eggs

    Dyed Eggs

    What’s Easter without dying eggs your favorite pastel colors? All you have to do is pick up the egg dye at a craft store, grab a few mugs or cups and dye away! Make sure to hard boil the eggs first, imagine if the kids dropped eggs on the floor without boiling them…

  • Painted Egg Garland

    Painted Egg Garland

    If you and the family are not into dying eggs, try painting instead! You could put them on display, or maybe even hang them on a garland to place over a window or the mantel above your fireplace.

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