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5-easy-drink-recipes-for-a-crowd-2Entertain a big crowd with these affordable cocktail beverages.

Got a big party coming up and have to make drinks for a crowd? Or maybe you just want to use that big, pretty drink pitcher you got as a wedding present. Whatever the situation, if you’re entertaining outside this summer, you have to have the summer drinks to go along with it. These recipes for drinks are not only easy, but can be made alcoholic or nonalcoholic and are easily modified for a big crowd. Your crowd can feel free to go wild and stay hydrated with these party drink recipes for summer!

Best Party-Size Drink Recipes


This is one of the easiest summer drink recipes. In fact, it’s almost a little too easy, so much so that you may not want to give out the recipe. All this summer drink recipe needs is half diet Sprite, half Fresca and some limeade concentrate, and then you just pour it together. See? Ridiculously easy! The best part about this is that you can modify this easy drink recipe to satisfy as many guests as you want.


A classic summer drink staple, this drink idea is pretty simply as well, and guests will probably enjoy the homemade version even more than the store-bought one. Our secret to this simple drink recipe is honey. Get some mildly flavored honey and let it dissolve in hot water. Then, cool the mixture and add lemon juice. After that, just pour into cold water and serve over ice, and you’ve got a delicious summer drink and a happy crowd.

Raspberry Limeade Cooler

Even the name of this summer drink recipe sounds refreshing. The cool thing about this recipe is that is was adopted from an alcoholic recipe, so it can go both ways! To make this summer drink, pour half club soda (vodka for the alcoholic recipe), half limeade and ice into a blender. Once it's blended, throw in some raspberries and blend again. Just like that, you have a unique, refreshing, possibly alcoholic beverage that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Lemonade Shakeups

This summer drink recipe might be easier than you think. Start off by boiling water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Then, juice some lemons, keeping only a little bit of them not juiced. Pour the lemon juice into sugar syrup and chill. Blend some ice until crushed, and then pour half of the crushed ice, lemon syrup and ice water into a cocktail shaker. Shake, and then serve with the remaining ice and lemon slices!

Citrus Cooler

Not only is this drink idea ridiculously refreshing, it’s also ridiculously easy. All you need is red grapefruit juice, a little bit of lime juice, club soda and lime slices and mint sprigs for garnish. Simply stir the juice with the soda, pour over ice, and then serve with the lime slices and mint sprigs. For the amount of club soda, pour half the amount of what you used of the grapefruit juice. It’s easy, and your crowd won’t even know how easy it was! 

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