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5-effective-social-media-marketing-strategies-to-grow-small-businesses-headerGoing social could grow and expand your business in no time, yet certain tips and tricks must be applied by business owners in order to reach success. That's due largely to people being more informed than ever and purchasing items based on what they see on social media and other media platforms. If you're just wondering, here are five tips on how to use social media marketing to grow and expand your business.

1. Communication

There's a difference between monologue and conversation. Furthermore, monologue won't take you anywhere, especially at this time when you're looking to increase audience engagement on social media. So you need to start the conversation. This is how:

Begin by sharing how your business came into being, your objectives, a little bit about yourself, etc. You should always aim at starting a conversation - so ask your followers about themselves; their preferences and interests among other things. Effective communication only takes place when it's two-way.

2. Effective Strategies

Successful businesses engage in social media marketing after they create strategies on how they are going to attract customers. They study consumer behavior so that they can tailor their strategies in accordance to these behaviors.

If you're a business and you've realized that your followers are most active at a specific time of the day, say 1p.m., then it would be appropriate that you post updates at that particular time. If you post when they are not active, say at night when everybody else is asleep, it won't be very helpful. So your strategies must bank on appropriate timing.

And when someone comments on your post, be sure to reply. Generally, people like commenting on threads they feel are active. If people write on your Facebook fan page and you rarely comment back, you'll be discouraging them from actively engaging in any future conversation with you.

3. Multimedia

It's true that more people are being attracted to videos and images compared to plain text. The current consumer has a limited attention span, which is why they prefer watching movies than reading novels about them. You must capitalize on this opportunity by always posting interesting videos about your business. Post images of new products, any upcoming events you might be hosting etc.

4. Reviews and Opinions

Studies show that more than 50 percent of people will research for reviews and opinions online before making a decision to buy a product. Facebook and Twitter comments are most important because first time buyers use them to establish whether you're trustworthy or not. If your fan page doesn't have very good comments, it might just scare away potential clients. Right?

However, if you happen to come across negative reviews, make sure you do something to rectify the situation... and fast! Remember to tell your followers what you've done about the problem.

5. Local Business Listing

Take advantage of local business listings. Google shows the most relevant results based on the location in which a consumer is searching for a particular product or service. So your business should be on the local listing in order to be found by those looking for your products or services in that particular area.

Social media marketing is at the top of the priority list for marketers who want to maintain and acquire new customers. The more you establish an engagement between you and your customers, the more they will have a feeling of belonging, and this will boost your sales over time.

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!


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