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  • Spirit Gear

    Spirit Gear

    Get in the game with some face paints and colorful gear! Have friends pick a side for the day with face paint, capes, horns and maybe even some colored t-shirts to decorate for the game!

  • BBQ Food

    BBQ Food

    Hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs? Who could say no to that when watching an intense soccer game! Fill those hungry fans with some delicious summer barbeque.

  • Soccer Games

    Soccer Games

    Why not have a soccer game of your own? In between watching games, host a soccer game right outside with friends and family and burn off some of those calories!

  • Game Prediction Sheets

    Game Prediction Sheets

    Start your own soccer fantasy league by making some game predications among friends. See who can get the most right on win/loss predictions. Maybe even offer a prize for the winner!

  • Snack Table

    Snack Table

    What's a game without some yummy snacks? Serve some of your favorites on a table right in front of the television, perfect for snacking and watching the game at the same time!

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