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Home World Cup Parties & Festivities 5 Essentials For Your World Cup Party

5 Essentials For Your World Cup Party

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  • Spirit Gear

    Spirit Gear

    Get in the game with some face paints and colorful gear! Have friends pick a side for the day with face paint, capes, horns and maybe even some colored t-shirts to decorate for the game!

  • BBQ Food

    BBQ Food

    Hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs? Who could say no to that when watching an intense soccer game! Fill those hungry fans with some delicious summer barbeque.

  • Soccer Games

    Soccer Games

    Why not have a soccer game of your own? In between watching games, host a soccer game right outside with friends and family and burn off some of those calories!

  • Game Prediction Sheets

    Game Prediction Sheets

    Start your own soccer fantasy league by making some game predications among friends. See who can get the most right on win/loss predictions. Maybe even offer a prize for the winner!

  • Snack Table

    Snack Table

    What's a game without some yummy snacks? Serve some of your favorites on a table right in front of the television, perfect for snacking and watching the game at the same time!

5-essentials-for-your-world-cup-party-slideshowThrow the best World Cup party with these five party tips!

Planning a World Cup party, but no idea what to prepare and what to do? From activities to food ideas, these five ideas will help you plan the best world cup party to date!


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