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It's time to take off your sweaters and slip into those t-shirts and tank tops for warmer weather. Whether you’re headed south for a vacation or gearing up for the summer, these 5 simple exercises will shape up your arms fast. Check out Womensforum's new Workout Pal for step-by-step videos to help you get the most out of your workout.

Alphabet Arms

Try 12 repetitions of each of these four moves to tone your shoulders. You'll be doing side raises, overhead presses, front belly to high “v” lifts, and wide reach presses. 

Chest Press on Back

This move specifically targets the chest and triceps, but if you lift your hips off the floor while performing 20 repetitions with five pound weights, you’ll get a total body move that rocks!

Angled Armed Triceps

Your triceps helps chisel the back side of the shoulder. Form counts for everything on this move, so check out the video and use a mirror as you perform the lift to make sure you’re hitting it right.

Bicep Curl Combo

Believe it or not, your bicep is made up of three separate muscles!  This bicep curl combo hits all three by changing the hand position in each move.

Rear Fly

This is the final move for shapely shoulders – the rear fly hits the back of the delt muscle which gives a lift to the space above the triceps. Form is key – make sure you keep the arms in alignment with the shoulder.

Check out Womensforum's Workout Pal for step-by-step videos for your problem spots.


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