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They say beauty is pain, but is that pain actually harming your body? From stilettos to bucket bags to skinny jeans so tight you feel as though they are squeezing the fat away, some fashion basics might be hurting you more than you think. 

According to spinal surgeon Michael Gleiber, women and men are paying a price (besides the one on the price tag) when it comes to their attire. Gleiber, in a blog post for The Huffington Post, identified five trends that could be causing physical problems for fashion lovers of the world.


If you’re carrying around a heavy, oversized purse, computer bag or even brief case, you’re probably no stranger to the shoulder and neck pain caused by the added weight dangling from your shoulder. While it’s clear the oversized bag isn’t going out of style just yet, try opting for pieces you can cross over your body to add symmetry.


Whether you are in school, going to a festival, riding your bike, or wearing a statement pack, chances are the weight on your back is far too much. Try to be conscientious of how much you are putting in that bag. The added weight can cause problems in the future, especially for children in school.


While this applies mostly to men, but women often keep things in their back pockets that can have similar effects. Putting a wallet in your back pocket while sitting can "throw off your pelvic balance," Gleiber said. It can cause chronic back, hip and shoulder pain and can even compress your sciatic nerve causing leg pain. Try keeping those items in your front pocket, carrying them on a key chain or putting them in your purse to keep from harming your body.


It’s no secret that trekking in heels isn't the most ideal situation and can leave your feet hurting. However, that pain in your foot can lead to worse problems in your back, neck, legs, and hips. While most women abide by the saying “beauty is pain,” it might be good to slip on some flats every now and then.

Skinny Jeans

A wardrobe staple for almost every woman, the skinny jean is the most popular pant in today’s fashion world. But if your pants are too tight, Gleiber warns it could cause nerve damage. Make sure you're not squeezing your bottoms too much when it comes to pants or wear stretchy materials to avoid harming your nerves.


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