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Are you trying to live healthier? We are inspired by slim bodies in the media, mantras that tell us to believe what we can be and buy into magazines and blogs that share dieting secrets. With our best intentions in mind, we start making small changes to eat more consciously and exercise regularly.

But with best intentions and confusing information, we make some big mistakes. These foods may have the star of health glowing in between the lines, but make no mistake; these foods can get your diet into trouble.

1. Nuts About Nuts

These seedlings packed with nutrients, good fat, fiber and a tidbit of protein are notoriously high in calories. How often are you counting out the 10-20 depending on the type and size of the nut, for the 200 calorie portion? Watch your intake! Nuts are easily over consumed. One cup of almonds is 529 calories – one McDonald’s cheeseburger is only 313.

2. Guac: The Good Green

Although avocados have touted health benefits including heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and more potassium than bananas, even good fats contain high calories. Guacamole weighs in at 150 calories for the small sample size at Chipotle—that’s the size of a golf ball! Most people will consume that in the first three minutes of a chips and guacamole sit down. Add two to three slices of avocado to salads, soups, or sandwiches to get that healthy fat in under 50 calories which is less than the slice of cheese it can replace.

3. Are You Milking Your Coconuts?

Believe is or not, coconut may help increase your metabolism- but that doesn’t mean it helps your dieting efforts. One cup of coconut milk has over 500 calories. Check the labels on the brand your consuming and remember that beverages should be in check. They tend to be missed when counting calories because you don’t see them on your plate. Drizzle coconut milk over your oatmeal for flavor and good fats your body needs to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

4. Trail Mix Miss 

Who wouldn’t believe that nuts, raisins, a little bit of chocolate and slivers of coconut couldn’t be good for you? It can be! But at 700 calories per cup, trail mix may be something you should leave for the three-hour hiking trips. Otherwise, skip it completely.

5. Packaged Tofu

Although Tofu is a great meat substitute, keep an eye on the packaged, flavored varieties calorie counts. Typically if you flavor it yourself, you’ll save on sodium, calories and preservatives. Teriyaki tofu varieties bump up to 140 calories for just three ounces and only three grams of protein. A lean four ounce chicken breast boasts 35 grams of protein and only 221 calories…. Maybe eating meat is a bit diet friendly.

Remember to eat healthier, you need be conscious of your calories and that healthy foods can be unhealthy too. 

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