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5-habits-of-a-highly-productive-entrepreneurGeneral habits that are reflective of a highly productive entrepreneur.

Diligence and productivity are not always interchangeable; and in the times we live in, the latter is fundamental to one’s professional growth and expansion. It is not the hours spent in your business that count at the end of the day, but how you use your time to go the extra mile and enhance productivity. While every individual may have a different approach towards enhancing productivity, these are some of the key characteristics to being that person who can get a lot done in one day.


Reflect At the End of Each Week

Retrospection is an important tool for enhancing productivity. Taking some time to reflect on your achievements and failures will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses. A highly productive entrepreneur makes it a habit to spare some time at the end of each week to analyze the accomplishments and pitfalls. This helps identifying and eliminating shortcomings in the future. 

Have a Client Deliverable Calendar

It is important to update your calendar with client deliverable for the upcoming week. Having this type of calendar will serve as a constant reminder of which task needs to be accomplished by when, and help you draw up a work schedule around these deadlines. 

Have a Plan

Nothing bites into productivity more than having a disorganized approach to your work. Having a plan is a definite pre-requisite to increasing productivity. A highly productive entrepreneur would invest in planning ahead of time, in order to boost his/her decision making ability and have a bird’s eye view of professional goals and objectives. 


Create a To-Do List the Night Before

What and how much you achieve on a daily basis contributes to your overall productivity. Make it a habit to prepare a to-do list for your day the night before. Instead of simply listing out the tasks lined up for the next day, make the list more exhaustive by spelling out the estimated time required to complete each task. This will give you a realistic idea of how much work you will actually get done the next day. Besides, it allows you the luxury of juggling your schedule to accommodate more tasks or postpone some existing chores to a later date in order to concentrate on high-priority jobs. 

Do Small Tasks to Build Momentum

You may not feel up to working on a PowerPoint presentation or filling up an extensive worksheet right at the onset of your day. You could concentrate on smaller tasks such as making important phone calls or signing off certain reports instead. The sense of having knocked off a substantial chunk of tasks on your to-do list will lend impetus to your work energy and enhance productivity. 

Productivity is all about making optimum and effective use of time and resources available at your disposal in order to accomplish the task at hand. Correct use of time, knowledge, human resources, information, and equipment can help an entrepreneur achieve high level of productive despite the time crunch. Harnessing these highly productive habits can increase an entrepreneur’s productivity manifold.

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