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You might make an effort to clean your closet every once in a while, but it doesn't take long for a neat and tidy space to collapse into chaos. The temptation to stuff one's closet with dirty laundry while cleaning the rest of the room is just too great. Trying some of these clean closet hacks will help you cut down on that clutter in no time!

Old shoe boxes as drawers

16623-shoebox-closet-hacksPhoto Credit: Blogger.com

Closets seem to attract old shoe boxes so instead of letting them pile up, put them to work! Smaller items that tend to get lost easily, like hats, gloves, socks or t-shirts, are the perfect size for these recycled space savers.

Shower curtain rings to organize scarfs

16623-showercurtainrings-closethacksPhoto Credit: blogger.com

Loose items like scarves and ties often find their way to the floor, eventually piling up, covered in dust, causing a space saving nightmare. By adding shower curtain rings to a hanger, you'll be able to keep your scarves in one place while taking up less space than a t-shirt.

Don't waste that door space!

16623-closetcatchall-closethacksClosets are full of miscellaneous items like bags, hats and accessories that can't really be hung up. Instead of storing these clunky items on the floor, install a catch-all rack on the inside of the door.

Now you'll have a place to throw those bags where they wont get in the way!




Photo Credit: blogger.com

 Add an extra closet rod for shorter clothing

Most closets come with only one rod, which might only provide enough hanging space for half of your clothes. Double up with an extra rod for hanging shorter items like shorts and t-shirts that wont drag on the floor. 

Use soda can tabs to double hanger space

Simply slide a hanger through each of the holes on a can tab and you can double or triple your hanging space. Check out our quick video tutorial for this clever way to reduce and reuse! 

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