5 Hair Accessories Every Woman Should Own1From bohemian style headbands to printed scarfs, here are the hair accessories every woman should own.

Hair accessories are one of those things we don't need but should own. We often don't realize what else we should have in our hair bin of scrunchies and twist ties until we start styling. Before you go to the beauty supply for something else, put these five hair accessories every woman should own on your list.

5-hair-accessories-every-woman-should-own31. Decorative Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are not just for boys. Instead of a sports team baseball cap you steal from your man’s closet, get your own decorative one. Decorative baseball caps for women put a little something extra to the jeans and t-shirt look. Any day you’re not really feeling your do, throw on that cap and a little lip gloss or red lip and carry on. A bad hair day is easily fixed with a decorative baseball cap.

2. Bohemian Headband

From two-strand, embellished, vintage, printed, to feathered; a bohemian style headband is an accessory to own. Wear it with a maxi-dress or with a leather bomber jacket; it’s an accessory fit for any season. And if you’re wondering what hair-style this works with it, try super straight hair with a middle part, wavy curls with a side-part, or even a loose up-do. Bohemian headbands put the cherry on top for those days you’re not interested in putting a lot of work intro your hair but want to be stylish. Bohemian style headbands go with those kind of care free, just go hair days.

3. Flower Bobby Pin

How many of us have seen flowers in a woman’s hair and thought, “I want that pretty look, too?” Well you can have it! Some go for real flowers but real flower hair accessories don’t last long. If you get your hands on a flower bobby pin, your flower will last forever. Get you a few cute colors, one in black and one in white and you’re nearly stocked for every occasion and outfit. Flower bobby pins are a hair accessory that’s great for a bride on her wedding day, bridesmaids, or a sun dress you want to make a little more festive.

5 Hair Accessories Every Woman Should Own2

4. Printed Hair Scarf

Not talking about the traditional hair scarf here. The hair scarf has been transformed into one of the most useful and versatile hair accessories. You can tie a printed hair scarf in so many different ways to transform your up-dos and ponytails. There are so many prints and materials to choose from. The safest choice to prevent straining or pulling your hair is a silk printed scarf.

5. Elastic Headband

The elastic headband is probably the most used accessory on this list and that is why if you don’t at least one, something is wrong. Elastic headbands are now one-strand, two-strand and sometimes three. Some people put two to three separate elastic bands on at once. The thing that makes these such a go-to choice is that they come in all types of colors, are great for keeping your hair and edges back when working out and can be used to create hairstyles. It’s simply what every woman should already own and get more of.

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