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Kids will love playing these spook-tastic games at your Halloween party

When hosting a Halloween party for your kids, their friends and their parents, you’ll want to entertain them with some fun games to keep the night lively and well, spooky.Take your Halloween bash up a notch with some fun kid-friendly games.

Bobbing For Apples

This is a staple in autumn and Halloween games. All you need is a water tank, apples and some fun kids who are ready to bob for apples. Offer some exciting prizes for kids who bob for the most.

Halloween Bingo

Kids love bingo and they’ll love it even more when you offer some pretty awesome prizes. Make your own bingo cards and have your kids help out or print some for free online. Use googly eyes as the markers for the game.

Mummy Race

Host a spook-tastic mummy race game for the kids at your Halloween party. Using toilet paper, make it a race for who can wrap up their partner like a mummy the fastest. Offer some fabulous prizes to the little winners.

Pin the Face on the Pumpkin

If kids have ever pinned a tail on a donkey, they’ll be able to pick up on this fun game easily. Print out some pumpkin face templates on black paper and cut out. Place small adhesives on the back of each facial feature. Blindfold the kids and let them make some pretty funny looking pumpkins.

Squash and Gourd Bowling

This is way more fun than traditional bowling. Buy 10 pin-shaped squash and gourds and use stencils to paint numbers on each pin. Allow kids to bowl using a small pumpkin with the stem removed. Offer fun Halloween goodie bags for the winners.

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