5 Items to Steal From Your Mans Closet2Shop in his closet.

We’ve all had to have done this at least one time. You know, steal a belt or shirt from our man’s closet. If you haven’t done this, maybe you should. It’s a woman’s right to shop for a few items from her man’s closet, right? If it makes the outfit look better, then it’s fair game.

Girl in Chunky Sweater

Shopping In His Closet

There’s an art to stealing items from a man’s closet. You have got to know the hot items every male has that looks just as good, (ahem, better) on a woman before you start the adventure.

Depending on your style or how you wear his items, you may just be able to pull off one of his favorite pieces better than him. But, what if you’re a virgin to this type of shopping? Fear not, for here are the 5 items to steal from your man’s closet.

  1. Belt: Bring a little rough edge to your blazer, tank and jeans day. The way it’s a little too big and droops on the side makes you look hot and hardcore all at the same time.
  2. Oversized Button Down Shirt: Wear it with your leggings, boots, sandals or flats and no one would ever know.
  3. Vintage T-shirt: Pair with ripped fitted stone-washed jeans, messy bun, red lipstick and rock out in style.
  4. Scarf: Can look artistic with his vintage T-shirt or just fresh with your own white V-neck shirt or white buttoned down shirt.
  5. Chunky Sweater: Leggings, thick chain, tossed hair = an effortless beautiful style he won’t be able to resists.

What are some of your favorite items to steal out of your man’s closet?

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