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16723-lazy-morning-breakfast-ideas-headerLet's be real. The only time you actually have the time to make a big fancy breakfast - i.e. during the weekends - you'd rather spend that time laying in bed. If you have to get out of bed at all, you don't want to spend an hour cooking the meal and then eating it, do you?

Womensforum talked to Chef Fabio Viviani, famed Italian chef, restaurateur, and Top Chef contestant, about delicious breakfast ideas for all those lazy mornings. 

Breakfast In Bread

16721-breakfast-in-breadPhoto Credit: (From top to bottom) milkchaihoney.wordpress.com / framedcooks.com / thekitchn.com / sugarandcharm.com

Breakfast sandwiches, or "breakfast in bread" as Chef Viviani puts it, has to be one of the best. breakfast inventions. ever. You put your favorite morning wake-me-up treats in between a delectable English muffin or French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar, and you're ready to take your meal out the door (or maybe back in bed - no judgement here).

Breakfast In A Cup

16721-breakfast-in-a-cupPhoto Credit: completelydelicious.com / straightfromthejar.com / bakeatmidnite.com / Tara Fisher - Kyle Books

Breakfast in a cup is also an easy fuss-free morning meal idea. You can make scrambled eggs in a cup or look like you actually put some effort into your creation (secret: It's super super easy) by layering granola, Greek yogurt and blueberries in a mason jar the night before then simply taking it out of the fridge and snacking on it while you're watching some morning Netflix.

Breakfast In A Muffin Tin

16721-breakfast-in-muffin-tinsPhoto Credit: (From top to bottom) viva.co.nz / sallysbakingaddiction.com / themidnightbaker.com / chef-in-training.com

OK, it's kind of unfathomable to us that we didn't know about this until very recently. The secret to most Pinterest-worthy breakfast creations? A simple muffin tin! You can go really simple by making the perfect hard boiled egg in a muffin tin, or give yourself a real treat with huevos rancheros or mini egg skillets covered in hashbrowns. You can also go the classic no-fail route with some fresh, warm blueberry muffins. 

Breakfast In A Slow Cooker

16723-breakfast-in-crock-potPhoto Credit: (From top to bottom) thefoodiecorner.gr / diethood.com / healthyslowcooking.com / nourishingjoy.com

Slow cookers have revolutionized a lot of cooking, especially when many of us don't have the time to do it properly. What's not to love? You get great flavor as if you spent hours toiling over the stove simply by pushing a button and letting the slow cooker work its magic. Get truly delectable breakfast treats by prepping your meal the night before and enjoying everything from French toast to quiche in the morning. 

Breakfast On A Pizza 

16723-breakfast-on-a-pizzaPhoto Credit: (from top to bottom) therecipecritic.com / thekitchn.com / 84thand3rd.com / completelydelicious.com

Ok, this is one of our personal favorites. It's maybe a little more time consuming than a few of the other options, but you get a truly delectable treat that's very easy to eat (and bring back to bed). Elevate your breakfast pizza with a delicious puff pastry crust and enjoy a variety of toppings, like easy-to-eat cinnamon roll pizza or a salmon and Eggs Benedict pizza with runny yolk. Yum! 


Top Photo Credit: therecipecritic.com / framedcooks.com / bakedatmidnite.com / viva.co.nz

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