5-leather-pieces-to-wear-now-headerJust because it’s getting warmer out doesn’t mean your leather pieces have to hibernate.

You can wear leather all year round. Yes, even in summer! With these perforated pieces of leather. Here are the five leather pieces to wear now!

Perforated pieces allow for air to make its way in and out which prevents sweating or getting too hot even if it’s not a piece you’re going to wear on your body like a clutch. When holding a clutch, your palms can get sweaty so this type of piece make wearing a leather clutch a breeze. These types of leather pieces is what you need to make them functional in the summertime.

5 Perforated Leather Pieces

  1. Leather Jacket: Pair this with a flowy blouse or tight tank over a pair of jeggings for a slick, rocker look. 
  2. Leather Skirt: Look sassy and fierce with this piece on. Go thematic with a faded/torn short or be modern chic with a color-block top. 
  3. Leather Bag: Add this accessory to any ensemble to heighten the look. Color will be key - white leather can be demure and feminine while a popping neon will draw everyone's attention to you. 
  4. Leather Heel: This is an absolute stunner at work, night our or just hanging with friends on the weekend. 
  5. Leather Clutch: When going for a night out, things can get fun fast but also messy. A leather clutch will be easy to hold, won't get your hands clammy, and can have a bit of stretch to hold all your necessary items for the best night ever! 

Another factor is wearing leather in summer is the color of the leather. Black is definitely a fall and winter color of leather as white, beige, creams and pastel leathers are for spring and summer.

Do you have any other leather pieces that are transitional throughout each season? 

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