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17694 5 lunchbox ideas header

When it comes to packing our kids lunches, we like to get crafty. From love notes to cool ways to send their favorite cold drink, we're sharing five great ideas to give your kids a sweet treat in the lunchroom. Make lunch nutritious and fun, and they are bound to eat it up!

1. Send a Fruity Love Note

17694 Real BananaLoveNote

Sending a note in your child’s lunchbox is a cute way to remind them that you're thinking about them, or to wish them well on a test or project. Step up the love-note game by writing it on a piece of fruit! Use a toothpick to etch in a short note on the side of a banana, and as the peel browns from air exposure, the message will get darker. Alternatively, skip the note and draw silly faces on an orange or banana with a permanent marker instead. Peals of laughter are sure to come from your child's table before he or she peels it!

2. Chocolate Milk Frozen Ice Pops

17694 TruMooIcePop

Need to pack in some extra vitamins and minerals but struggle with a picky eater? Send a slushy pop! Blend chocolate milk, leafy greens and your kid’s favorite fruit together and they’ll feel like they’re on summer vacation in the middle of lunch. Buy reusable or plastic ice pop pouches like these (or small snack bags they can tear or cut the top off of) fill with the smoothie mix and freeze. It's nutritious and delicious, so everybody wins!

3. Wrap Up Your Fruit

Kids are more likely to eat apples, oranges or other fruit if they’re sliced, but pre-cutting them can leave the slices brown and unappetizing come lunchtime. Keep the fruit fresher longer by “reassembling” the cut fruit. After slicing, gather the pieces back together with the core as they were and wrap with a rubber band or in plastic wrap. The fruit doesn’t get exposed to the air as easily, and it’s still easy to eat. Win-win!

4. Muffin Tin Liners as Separators

17694 muffin tin liners

When it comes to school lunches, bento boxes are all the rage right now. Create your own by using a plastic storage container and silicone muffin tin liners. This not only creates a cool looking lunch, but it also allows you to separate food without using a bunch of different plastic bags. Make sure the liners go to the top of the container you’re placing them in, or the contents will go all over the box as children tend to swing their lunchbox around on the way into school.

5. Homemade Ice Pack

Keep your child’s lunch cold by using your own homemade ice packs. Fill a kitchen sponge full of water, freeze, drop in a plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap, and drop in your child’s lunch. This will help keep your perishable foods cold until your kid is ready to dig into their lunch. Easy peasy! 

For more information on children's growth and nutrition, visit PediaSure.com.

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