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No business is ever static.

If it’s not racing on an upward track, then it’s somewhere trailing its way down. In brief, every business needs to grow. You may have invested a pretty penny, sweat equity and time, all of which are supposed to offshoot your business really nicely, but until you learn to diversify, your business will always be miles away from what anyone would consider successful.


To increase sales in your business, here is Part 2 of 10 business-boosting tips you need to incorporate!

6. Start Targeting Other Markets

Whether your current market serves you well or not, you should try to explore other markets. Come to think of it, other markets might eventually yield huge amounts of profits. For instance, if your own a restaurant, you might expand by adding a food truck or adding a bar. The key is to stay within your industry and offer complimentary services.

7. Get a Government Contract

Seriously, Uncle Sam does want to do business with you. As a matter of fact, the US government spends a ballpark figure of $235 billion annually on buying consumer goods and services. If you happen to make them your happy customer, a heavy portion of their annual outlay could in the long run be your profit.

8. Merge or Acquire a Competitor’s Business

Large corporations do this tactic often! If your business were stalling due to a behemoth competitor inherently engulfing a healthy amount of your customers, simple logic is to offer a merge, or if they aren't interested... a buyout! Otherwise your business downturn might hit you really hard to a point where you’d be forced to close down your business.

9. Go Global

Going global doesn't necessarily imply acquiring another business in a neighboring country or expanding globally. In a nutshell, all it means is that you have to prime your products and services for an international market. In fact, a common practice is using foreign distributors. They would resell your products into their respective home markets.

10. Get Online

Judging from the popularity of the Internet, every offline business should have a matching online presence to be successful.

Why is this so important? As such, search engines are momentously determining the rate at which products sell, as they considerably direct a wealthy amount of traffic to anyone who ranks top with them.

In addition, most consumers search for the product or service they want online before making the purchases offline. In addition, services such as ‘Angie’s List’ make it possible for consumers to review testimonials and ratings of businesses. 

Now you have all 10 tips for boosting your business. With these in mind, what additional piece of advice do you have for any aspiring business owner who wishes to grow his/her business?

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com! 

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