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5-must-have-apps-for-small-businesses-header5 apps that are suggested by leading women entrepreneurs.

Small business owners today understand the importance of utilizing technology to enhance productivity and strengthen their company's infrastructure. Because of this, the right apps can be powerful tools. Apps are great for connecting, streamlining, and organizing! Furthermore, they make all the pieces of a business fit together.


This is my favorite app of the month. It allows you to record and sync notes. It is great for meetings and conference calls. It has the ability to pick-up a conversation in a large conference room.


Evernote is the equivalent to a paper notebook. I like it because it helps to keep me organized. I can easily communicate and stay connected with my VA -- my notes and ideas all in one place -- and it is compatible on all of my devices.


This app is a social media management system for small businesses. It is one of my favorite apps and allows me to manage all of my social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, all in one dashboard. I am also able to schedule future tweets. It allows me to manage my social media interactions, so that I remain productive.


This is a task collaboration and productivity suite. It allows you to manage projects, people and tasks in one place. It makes it easier to share and assign tasks, files, and project notes with others. Everything is in one spot instead of resorting to back and forth e-mails among team members. It also allows you to enter info quickly, no matter how much you have. Well-designed with a long list of features.

Weave App

Weave App is an excellent project management tool. It allows you to create and/or track a to-do list, keep separate folders per project/client, create a shared folder for delegation on projects, and track income and expenses according to project/client and overall. I like it for those reasons.

In conclusion, there are many great apps available for businesses that enable businesses to increase revenue largely by increasing efficiency. What is your favorite app?

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