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5 New Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Night

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You’ve set aside a dedicated evening each week to spend quality time together as a family… but you may not be sure what exactly to do? Look no further than these unique ways to celebrate family fun night that will be enjoyed by both adults and children alike!

Scavenger Hunt

  • Backyard Scavenger Hunt

    Backyard Scavenger Hunt

    Encourage your children to play outdoors with a backyard scavenger hunt. Split the children into two teams before asking them to find a list of items in the backyard. Give older children (or a supervising adult) a disposable camera to take pictures of each found item on the list. Children can enjoy turning the pictures into a scrapbook as a memento of the activity at a later date.

  • Sporty Scavenger Hunt

    Sporty Scavenger Hunt

    Help promote fun and fitness with a sporty themed scavenger hunt. Create a list that prompts kids to find things and do different exercises, such as find a basket ball hoop and shoot three baskets, find a grassy spot and do six star jumps or find the monkey bars and do two pull ups.

  • People Watching Scavenger Hunt

    People Watching Scavenger Hunt

    If you have a large family or have lots of relatives over, a people-watching scavenger hunt will provide plenty of entertainment for inquisitive children. Rather than objects, ask kids to collect signatures from people with certain characteristics, such as somebody with blonde hair, somebody who can speak two languages, somebody with glasses etc. This can become a great bonding experience for your family and help younger children learn more about their relatives!

  • Indoor Themed Scavenger Hunt

    Indoor Themed Scavenger Hunt


    Keep children entertained on rainy days with an indoor themed scavenger hunt. Try a movie night themed scavenger hunt, where children need to find a list of items needed such as a bowl, popcorn, a DVD and blankets. Once they have everything they need for the movie night, reward them (and yourself) by playing a family favorite movie to watch together.

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Nature Scavenger Hunt


    Give your next scavenger hunt an educational and interesting twist with an outdoor nature theme. It’s a great way to help children discover more about the world around them. Search for different trees, leaves, colors or animals.


Karaoke Night

You don’t need to own a Karaoke machine to hold your very own karaoke night. A simple search online for karaoke tracks will bring up a library of options right at your fingertips, complete with that famous bouncing ball to let you know when to sing. Turn it in your very own X Factor-style evening and appoint judges for those who prefer not to sing or invite the friends and neighbors over to make a bigger night of it. Give your family fun night a twist with karaoke themes like musicals, Disney hits, or boy and girl bands. Alternatively, make some flash cards with a different novelty song on each and place the cards face down. Ask each singer to pick a card and perform the given song.

Freeze Dance

Sing Song Ping Pong

Sing Song Ping Pong has little to do with singing ability and more to do with lyrical knowledge. Suited to slightly older children, it’s a fun activity that will have you laughing and racking your brains for song ideas in equal measures. Players go in turns to sing a line from a song and compete to come up with a different song that features a word that’s just been sung. Sound complicated? It’s simple once you get the hang of it.

How to Play:

  1. Decide who is going first. The first player sings a line from any song of their choice.
  2. The rest of the group comes in with a song with a word that has just been featured. No need to discuss it, just start singing the song! For example if a player has just sung: ‘Don’t let the sun, go down on me’ the next player could come in with: ‘Down town, things will be great when you’re down town’ and so on.
  3. Players score a point each time they successfully sing a connecting line. It can be tricky to think of songs and keep track of points so appoint a scorekeeper before you start.
  4. *Be sure to get a camera or recorder ready, because this will be a family fun night to remember!

Magic Show

  • Make A Stage

    Make A Stage


    Create a makeshift stage ahead of the show. This could be a designated area of the living room, or some overturned sturdy boxes for children to stand on. Decorate an old suitcase for props to be placed into and create a sign incorporating the family name such as “The Super Duper Smith Show.”


  • Set The Lights

    Set The Lights


    Create some atmospheric and mysterious lighting. If you have dimmer switches, turn these down and point torches towards the stage to act as your spotlights. 

  • Get Into Costume

    Get Into Costume


    Get into character with a costume. Make a cape with some dark material (or grab one left over from Halloween) and create a wizard cone shaped hat out of some cardstock. Make magic wands from black and white paper or throw on a pair of white magician gloves. 

  • Organize Props

    Organize Props

    Pick up any props you may need ahead of the shower. From coins, to cards, handkerchiefs or artificial flowers, get the props organized and ticked off your equipment list.

  • Promote The Show

    Promote The Show

    Get the children to promote the show with colorful posters and flyers. Use them to decorate around the stage or give them to other family members and invite them to come and watch!