iStock 516512993 CroppedWhen you just don't want to blow-dry, curl, straighten, or otherwise heat-style your hair, these hairstyles are your best friends. And besides, perhaps the single worst thing you can do to your hair is fry it with over heating and styles where heat is required.

Heat can actually pull out the moisture in your hair, drying it out and damaging it. Using heat for styling, such as using a straightener, curler or blow dryer, should always be kept to a minimum. Try these five no-heat hairstyles to keep your locks full and luxurious!

Natural Curls

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, there are natural curl serums, pomades, gels and sprays that you can use while your hair is air-drying to help you rock your natural curls. These types of products help with creating volume and sheen so your curls aren’t weighed down, flat or stringy.

Roller Set

You can roller set your own hair, have a friend do it or get a professional roller set done to get big and bouncy curls that will last without heat. Although it will take a bit longer to dry if you let the set air dry rather than sitting under a hair dryer, your hair will be better off. Put in your rollers, cue up your favorite TV series, and relax with your beverage of choice - and wake up with fabulous curls.

Braided Styles

There are multiple ways to braid your hair, so explore them! Braid your hair in big box braids, french braid, fish tail, braid a few in your hair to pin back or put them in a ponytail.

Pin-Up Inspirations

Pin up your hair with cute twists or wraps for a retro look that doesn't require a blow-dryer.

Bun It

There are so many ways to style a bun, so experiment. Throw on a cap and put a bun in your hair. Put your hair in a topknot on the top of your head. Go for a messy bun, a side bun, or a low-back bun. When pinned right, buns can last all day, and they're super easy to put up!

You (and your hair) definitely don't have to suffer under a blow-dryer in the summer heat, or any other time of the year for that matter with these no-heat hairstyles. 

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