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  • Retail Salesperson

    Retail Salesperson

    Not only do you get paid hourly (and typically more than minimum wage), you may get discounts by being an employee for the store! Find a store you love shopping at, and you will be the perfect sales rep for them!

  • Breakfast Waitress

    Breakfast Waitress

    Want to keep your nights free and still hold a part-time job? Find your local breakfast or brunch restaurant and see if they are hiring! Waitresses are tipped well, and you can save those tips as spending money for your shopping sprees.

  • Tutor


    Tutors can make up to $30 an hour, and their time for tutoring isn't as demanding as a school teacher. Use that teaching degree for good use, or maybe even get certified as a tutor for a company in town!

  • School Bus Driver

    School Bus Driver

    School bus drivers are typically paid $15 an hour, and work around 20 hours a week. The difference between a school bus driver and public transit bus is having school breaks, summer, and weekends free!

  • Freelance Writer

    Freelance Writer

    Do you love telling people about your shopping sprees? Why not write all about your shopping experiences, great deals, trends and styles by writing for a publication! Use the cash from writing articles for your shopping, and write about those trips as you go.

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