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When you have dogs, you have dog loving friends.

I love my friends and our inevitable gripe session about the things that drive us up the wall as dog owners. You can post these things online and dog lovers will weigh in immediately with their agreement.

1. Dog owners who don't pick up their dog's poop. I’m not referring to the people who realize that they forgot to grab a roll before leaving the house. I’m talking about the people who have no intention of picking up their dogs poop. When one person doesn’t pick up after their dog, it’s annoying. When that number grows to 10 or more, it ruins parks and trails for the rest of us. 

2. My dog is friendly!!!! These are the dog owners who insist on walking their dog off leash (I used to be one of them) and feel that yelling this "heads up" is helpful as their dog is charging full speed towards you. What they’re not considering is that my dog may not be excited to meet or that her happy dog may be interrupting our training.

3. Its "Who Rescued Whom" – Yes, I have the t-shirt and bumper sticker and although I love them, every time I see the phrase "Who Rescued Who?" I hear Mrs. Harrington from the 4th grade correcting me, "It’s ‘Whom,’ Kimberly." So I would love a series of t-shirts, mugs, magnets, and hats that show Mrs. Harrington the respect she deserves.

4. Confusing reactivity with aggression. We have a reactive dog and when he sees cyclists, joggers, and other dogs on our walks, he goes bananas. I know that he just wants to go say "hi," but the frustration of being on leash makes him bark and growl out is greeting instead. The people on the receiving end of his welcome see an aggressive dog and I just wish they could see that Rodrigo is an outgoing sweetheart (who is also very loud).

5. Graphic images on social media – I unfriended someone recently who shared a very graphic and violent photo with the caption "I know people don’t like to see these things, but I feel that it’s important that I share this." I do understand that people feel that shocking people with the reality of dog rescue is what will get people do donate more money and time to the cause, but for many of us, it makes us change the channel.

I always remind myself that if my day includes one of these situations, it’s not that big of a deal. First World Problems, I believe they’re called? But isn’t it a little fun to have these annoyances in common? Or at least have someone else to vent to about them?

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