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Probiotics have become a buzz word when it comes to talking about getting your digestive system back on track, but when it comes to these microorganisms the benefits go way beyond just easing a foul stomach. We do a little bit of myth-busting to help you understand more about probiotics.




Probiotics have helped adults for years, with many relying on the effects of the "good" live bacteria to help maintain their digestive systems. But the idea of using probiotics to help their kids is becoming more mainstream.





No matter the age, maintaining a healthy digestive tract is important. Thankfully probiotics work just as well for children as they do for adults. Probiotics help little ones build up a healthy supply of good bacteria and lead healthier lives.






 The word probiotic evokes a vague image of yogurt or packaged foods, maybe pills, but there are just as many types of probiotics as there are ways to get them.







There are different kinds of probiotics and multiple ways to ingest them. Not all of these digestive helpers are created equal. For parents looking to get their children into the probiotics game, many products offer fun alternatives to taking them, from easy chewables to powder packets.





We all know that yogurt is packed full of natural probiotics and is super healthy.

So that's all we need is a little yogurt every day, right? The answer is... not quite.







Yogurt can be a yummy way to improve one’s health but when it comes to easing digestive issues, yogurt may not be enough. Taking a designated probiotic gives your body more of the "good bacteria".






 Probiotics have become the solution for those wanting to fix their digestive health.

However, that is not all these microorganisms can do.





Although probiotics help the digestive tract, it also supports the body’s natural defenses. 70% of a person’s immune system is in their digestive tract, so probiotics play a vital role in strengthening one’s overall health and well being. So while we want to give probiotics to our children for one reason or another, a probiotic can provide a two-for-one punch, helping digestion and the immune system.


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