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5-productivity-pitfalls-all-small-businesses-must-avoidMake sure your business is productive by avoiding these productivity pitfalls!

If you're concerned about your business' productivity then it's important that you understand those factors which cause nonproductive behavior. If you know more about productivity killers, you will have a better understanding of how productivity works. In business, productivity is is vital to a successful company. So while kicking off your business, be sure to avoid these five productivity pitfalls.

Lack of Clear Business Goals

If you don't know what's the goal then you don't really understand what it is you're doing. Businesses that lack a clear set of business goals are more likely to be inefficient than those that do. This is because ambiguous goals prevent businesses and employees from setting up clear strategic goals for themselves, which in turn prevents them from doing their jobs efficiently. Make sure your goals are clear and concise. Start with short term goals with easy to achieve actionable steps.

The Fear of Failure

Small businesses are exposed to a lot more risks than large or medium scale enterprises. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, because risk also opens up new opportunities for growth. So don't be afraid of the risk of failure. It comes with the territory, and managing risks will always play an important role in how you run your business.

Disorganized Work System

Even small businesses will need to have hierarchies and divisions of labor in order to be productive. This is why it's important to set up a work system that everyone understands and appreciates. A well organized hierarchy, for example, helps people understand their roles and helps them see the bigger picture with regards to the company's long term business goals.

Lack of Rules and Work Ethics

Rules and work ethics are designed to create a local business culture. They also help define the company's work environment, and provide assurances to employees that the company is concerned about professionalism.

Mixing with Excessively Negative People

It's true that working with extremely optimistic or aggressive people is bad for business, but the same can be said about pessimists and the overly cautious. Working with people who tend to dismiss all but the safest of investments and ideas will not only limit your options, they can also make your business a lot less innovative than your rivals.

By recognizing these pitfalls, can drastically improve your productivity, thus, avoiding these time management mistakes.

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