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5-products-to-help-avoid-cold-and-flu-season-videoBe preventive and steer clear of being sick by using these products. 

Flu season can put a real damper on your day, week, and sometimes month! And while we can exercise and eat right, sometimes, the flu is unavoidable. Rather than getting sick, take the right precautions to keep you from getting sick.

Our very own Andrea Metcalf is joined by Julie Bashkin to learn more about products that will boost immunity and help you from getting the flu or cold.

Below are 5 products Bashkin says will keep you healthy and prevent the flu!


5 Products to Help Avoid Getting the Cold and Flu 

  1. Zinc Lozenges - Zinc lozenges will shorten the duration of your cold if you take it right when the cold starts. Zinc also helps boost your immunity and prevent you from getting a cold. 
  2. All-Natural Disinfectant Wipes - These wipes are great because they don't have harsh chemicals like other disinfectant wipes. These are packaged conveniently and easy to carry around with you. They're great to use to clean off an ATM, bathroom handles and other bacteria-filled surfaces.
  3. Chewing Gum - Great if you don't like swallowing pills. You will get your vitamin C and zinc all in one place and one flavor. It doesn't have a nasty taste either!
  4. Honey Tea - When you're sick it's essential you drink lots of fluids! This is green tea with natural immunity boosters and antioxidants. It's also honey flavored which is great to drink when you have a sore throat because honey helps relieve a little bit of the pain. Honey is also a probiotic - which helps boost your immune system.
  5. Fig Bars - Nature Bakery's fig bars contain fiber and other vitamins, including vitamin C, which will help you fight off colds or beat colds before they start. Nature Bakery's fig bars come in many flavors, too! 

The cold and flu will hit when you least expect it. Therefore, you must be aware of everything around you and take the correct measures to prevent getting sick! We all love a day off to lay in bed, but it's crummy when you don't feel good!

So, use the 5 products above to prevent the sniffles and coughs. 

(Products in video included in KLUTCHclub membership)

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