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5 Professions That Get You DiscountsGo into these careers and you’ll most likely get a discount on your daily shopping! Not only are these people doing what they love to do, they are getting discounts on their clothing, groceries and even morning coffees because of it! Sounds like we are in the wrong profession!

Check out these top 5 professions that are recognized and get discounts!  


Educators have one of the most important jobs and they certainly are underpaid. Just by showing their faculty ID, they can get percent discounts off of clothing, groceries, food and more. There may not be a notice posted on every restaurant door saying they give discounts to educators but these teachers know to whip out that ID! 

Police Officers, Fire Fighters 

You probably could have guessed this one. Anytime you’re at a coffee shop and a cop is in line, he walks away with a large cup of coffee and some donuts for free where you’re paying $5 for a small latte. Well, those brave men and women are working to keep you safe everyday so they deserve a free donut. 


Especially well-respected or well-known doctors in town get discounts on not just their daily shopping but expenses like their car insurance. All those years in medical school have certainly paid off! 

Military Members 

And this one also is a no-brainer. Any place you go whether it’s to the movies or to a restaurant, military members get some sort of discount and they should! There’s actual websites that list restaurants, cellphone providers and stores with discounts for military members. 

College Students 

While this isn’t necessarily a profession, it’s a job for four years. Many restaurants and stores near a college campus give discounts to the students, which if you remember your college days, money is scarce! 

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