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5-qualities-a-business-owner-should-look-for-in-a-remote-workerBe sure to look for these qualities when hiring a remote worker for your small business.

Virtual workers are gaining popularity for many different reasons. To begin with, some specialists that a business owner would want to employ may not be available to report to an office on a daily basis due to other commitments. On the other hand, some companies may use this as a way of cutting costs, as they do not have to offer office space for workers; especially if they are home based. Whichever the case, hiring a remote worker is a sensitive affair, as direct supervision does not apply. Here are some of the qualities that a business owner should look for in a virtual worker.

5 Qualities To Look For In A Remote Worker

Excellent communication skills: An independent contractor may be far away but is an intrical part of a team. This team has a singular goal and the members must communicate with each other to get the work done. A remote worker therefore must possess impeccable communication skills so as to be able to pass information regularly to the rest. The skills include verbal, written as well as an understanding technology.

Strong problem solving skills: Unlike in an office setting where it’s easy to brain storm, a remote worker will be required to solve some of the problems alone. He/she must be able to think critically, analyze situations and finally arrive at a formidable solution.

Previous experience: An experienced worker will definitely be well versed with the details of the job and is less likely to be caught off guard by challenges. The worker should not only have experience of the job at hand, but preferably should have also worked remotely before.

Team player attitude: The independent contractor must be a team player, one who is able to collaborate with others and work towards a common goal. Working remotely should not be mistaken for an individual effort. The worker must stay in touch with the other members of the team, providing constant updates every step of the way.

Self motivated: A virtual worker must possess the ability to work under minimal supervision. He/she must set short-term goals on each task, and be motivated enough to meet them. Strict discipline must also come into play. Essentially, this is only possible if the worker is passionate about the tasks at hand thus does not need any pushing.

There are many people out there seeking to be hired to work remotely, but getting a truly dedicated worker is no mean feat. Most of them are not disciplined enough. The qualities stated above will ensure that the workers hired remain dedicated to their job and consistently produce high quality work.

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