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5-reasons-playing-games-improves-healthPlaytime isn’t meant for just the kids. Adults can partake in the fun too!

Ever wonder why your child loves playtime? According to studies, playtime helps kids expand their imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills and mental health. Does this mean adults can expand in the same areas if they designate a playtime too? You bet! We’ve got five reasons why playtime is beneficial for adults.

Playtime Helps Health!

  • Playtime Stimulates Relaxation: Playing is important not only for physical health but also mental health too. After a long day of work and handling tasks and responsibilities, spending time to play a few games can relax the body and brain.
  • Playtime Creates Happiness: The reason your children love playtime is due to the endorphins that are released during times like recess or game night. Having a playtime can help lift one’s spirit, creating a happier and healthier environment for everyone.
  • Playtime Improves Perseverance: When playing a game for the first time, the player is determined to learn how to win. This perseverance is a trait that is vital in the work force and one that can continually be improved thanks to taking a break for leisure and fun.
  • Playtime Develops Social Skills: Although games are mainly meant for fun, players also gain communication and social skills when playing. From verbal communication and body language to enhancing cooperation and teamwork, games provide a wealth of benefits to those who are very shy or private.
  • Playtime Heals Relationships: When you take time out of your day to play and relax, the endorphins released will give you a stronger sense of positivity. This positive attitude can benefit one throughout life and help to heal relationships that may be full of negativity.

In order to give yourself that playtime each day, dedicate play time for you, and maybe even with the family! Start breaking out those board games and make a night of it. That few minutes can make you a happier and healthier individual!

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