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Have you ever come across a tasty new recipe that you are desperate to try but were discouraged by an expensive ingredient? Maybe you read about the healthy benefits of chia seeds, but didn’t want to invest in a five pound bag only to find out you don’t like them. It’s time you checked out the bulk bins at your favorite grocery store!



Here are my top 5 reasons for shopping the bulk bins...

1. Save Money:

When trying out a new recipe, purchasing large bags of ingredients can really add up. When shopping the bulk bins you can buy only what you need for the recipe.

Also, since there are no advertising fees involved and no extra packaging, buying foods in the bulk bins can actually save you lots of money. NPR did a small study and found bulk bin shoppers could save up to 21 percent on organic goods and 14 percent on any non-organic food bought in bulk.

2. Try New Things:

One thing that I love about shopping the bulk bins at the grocery store is more opportunity to try new things. When I know I don’t have to dish out the money for a whole bag/box of something and potentially waste it if I don’t like it, I am much more willing to give it a try. Some new things I’ve tried of late: amaranth, millet, and buckwheat.

3. Eat Healthier:

With the exception of the candy, the food in the bulk bins is usually unprocessed and healthy. When buying from bulk bins, you are more likely choosing whole grains, beans, lentils, oats, and other whole foods rather than the processed stuff. 

4. Save the Environment:

Buying from the bulk bins can drastically cut down on the amount of packaging waste you create. In addition to eliminating packaging, bulk bins can cut down on the amount of food wasted in your kitchen. Since you buy only what you need, you’ll no longer be throwing away five-year-old bags of stuff hidden in the back of your cabinets.

5. Enjoy Fresher Dry Goods:

Most grocery stores have clear bulk bin containers which give you the opportunity to see the actual product and judge its freshness before you buy it.

For more healthy recipes and nutrition advice, go to dietitiandebbie.com.

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