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5-reasons-why-podcasts-can-help-grow-your-business-headerPodcasts are fast gaining popularity and have become the in thing for most businesses.

Audio has been there for a long time but podcasts are different. Podcasts are simply recorded audio files which you can embed onto your business site for clients to download and listen to. They are unique and target specific clients. Despite just being fun, podcasting helps you connect with your clients in a unique and personalized manner. Below are five reasons why you should consider podcasts for your business.


Magnifies Your Personality

It gives you a certain level of credibility. Your voice has more power and authority than just pure written words. There is that emotional touch and connection that is created. When you talk to your audience, the relationship becomes more personal. Because of this, becoming a podcaster can literally grow your business leaps and bounds!


You Gain Instant Connections

Connections gained through podcasting are not just ordinary connections. You gain them fast because of the personalized attention. Consumers also prioritize your business if the podcasts are interesting and of good quality. Also you get a chance to submit your content to numerous other sites like iTunes and You Tube. These will not only help a business rank better on search engines but also expand your customer base.

Can Be Easily Incorporated Into Other Marketing Channels

Podcasts can easily be blended into an existing marketing strategy. Actually you can use podcasts to strengthen your marketing techniques. If you rely on internet marketing, then having these audio files on your blog or website will complement the content. Also you can share your podcasts with friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Remember social media is a very powerful and promising marketing platform. If your friends love the podcasts then they will share with their other friends and increase the popularity of your business.

Podcasts Will Portray You As An Expert In That Field

There is nothing as sweet as being seen as the thought leader in a given industry. Take advantage of the fact that podcasts are still fresh and most businesses have not adopted the technique. The key is to post relevant and informative content. If for instance you are in the line of designing clothes, talk of the latest trends in the fashion arena. On the other hand real estate entrepreneurs can develop podcasts which give tips on some of the best and safest locations to buy homes.

The Results Are Easily Measurable

In every marketing campaign, results must be measured so as to gauge the success levels. Fortunately podcasts give you an easy way of evaluating the performance. You can determine the overall audience you have gained by checking on requested, completed and unique downloads at a given time. In addition, the number of RSS (real simple syndication) subscribers will also determine how effective podcasts are for your business. These measurement techniques are simple and do not require any complex equipment or an expert.

In conclusion, podcasting therefore provides an opportunity for business people to use their voice, ideas and any unique products they have developed. So, are you planning to implement podcasting into your marketing strategy?

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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